Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Solve 404 Error Page Problems

“404 Error – Page not found –”, you found this kind of error on websites which is the main problem of many websites. This page creates a nasty impression in the mind of visitors which is not good for website owner. At the same time on other end how the search engine reacts against this 404 error pages? There are many questions raised – Are the search engine penalize or decrease the value of website with these types of errors? What are the major steps to prevent your website from these types error? With the help of this article we are going to discuss the reasons of 404 error pages and know how to handle with these 404 errors?

 Common reasons for 404 error page:-

  1. Someone link your website with wrong link or mis-spell.
  2. If you have changed your website address then also 404 error page shows i.e. if you create your web page with and then you change it to
  3. If you have changed your site or blogs permanent URL than also 404 error occurs.
  4. There are few operating systems which are case sensitive. That’s why error appears.
  5. 404 Error also shows when you removed or change your content from your website.
  6. The domain name which you have purchased was previously owned by someone else, and then also error page appears.
  7. The last & imp is robots.txt file, this file must be there in your web directories file because the crawlers of the search engine attempt to open this file and they found 404 errors. So you have to upload robots.txt file in your FTP.

These are the reasons through which user and crawlers found 404 Error pages. From user point of view it is bad for website, but it doesn’t affect the robots. If user found 404 Error on your website it will be confuse & move to other site this is called bad user experience & it create bad effect on your website. From SEO point of view it is not a big deal, but for your website when user comes by referral link and user found 404 Error page they will go away from your site.

To solve 404 Error, follow the below steps:-

After finding out the 404 Errors on your website now is time to get solution for it. With the help of Google Web Master Tool you can get all the URL of 404 error pages. By login on web master tool you can find the error in the not found links. Now follow the steps to solve your entire 404 Errors page on your website.

  1. By modify the spelling and refreshing the page, mostly we can remove our 404 Errors.
  2. Because of wrong link clicked or wrong URL typed we found these types of error.
  3. You have to change the DNS server if error happens for all the pages of your website.
  4. With the help of webmaster tool you can remove your 404 Error pages.
  5. Use 301 URL redirection to your pages, when they are getting back links other pages or blog.
  6. You can also use 301 redirection if there is mis-spell in any URL.
  7. If any blog or article shows 404 error and they are not related to your website then Google will automatically removed the URL while indexing.

With the help of Google web master tool you can remove 404 Error pages but it will takes so much time to remove all the pages. If your webpage or website blocked by robots than the URL redirection is the best option rather than remove the error pages. Hope this information will help you to manage your website and resolve your 404 Error.

 Referred By : Headway Web Solution